Braided ponytail…not as simple as it seems.
It’s pure of magic how people transform in my chair …and I am not talking just about the hair…

The moment you come to a mirror to check out the work and look at yourself, I see the shoulders straightening up, you standing up with confidence, smiling, and the eyes with a look of a wild Amazon woman …if only you knew.

I think we all familiar with situations where we drastically change our hairstyle whether it’s cutting our hair or dying it with unusual colors. It’s not just the change of style , it’s the change or setting, rules or even sometimes a solution to a problem.

The same thing happens with a ponytail but with no crazy changes required! All we need is some long hair and a few accessories.

From experience I can say it works 1000%, I guarantee you will channel a strong gracious beautiful confident panther, meow.